Who is robin roberts dating

12-Jan-2019 16:11

The day the photos were taken was perhaps the biggest news day of the year to date at the show, which started off the morning by airing exclusive footage from World News Tonight anchor David Muir's exclusive sitdown with President Donald Trump.

It was the newly inaugurated commander-in-chief's first network interview of his presidency.

Roberts now lives in northern California with his wife Carmel and their 3 children, as well as 3 older children Lil Tony, Antoine and Tonya.

Roberts first stepped onto the stage at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan.

"Good Morning America" promoted Lara Spencer to co-host and then BURIED the announcement -- presumably to keep some pretty fragile GMA egos in check.

Cole's “A Get2gether”, Damon Dash's “Death of a Dynasty” and Coke Daniels' "Gangsta rap," which is entered in Sundance 2007.

Strahan introduced Rinaldi, who broke down the story as Roberts and her retired football player co-host both excitedly talked about the news on air.