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Over the age of 35 and sick of being told by well-meaning people that she had a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than getting married, Bari Lyman knew something had to change.

But after dating the same wrong guy over and over again, Bari realized maybe her problem was really from within.

Recently, I sat down with Bari for a phone interview to discuss her dating program and new book and to get advice from an expert. I had no problem finding people to date, but I tended to attract people who were wrong for me.

I had these relationship blind spots…and though I was attractive, successful, in therapy and self-aware, it didn’t matter when it came to relationships.

Married soon after to Michael, “her soul mate and partner in life,” Bari is now determined to help other “marriage-minded singles” experience similar breakthroughs.

Utilizing her business skills as a former recruiter aka career matchmaker, Bari made the leap to “dating for marriage evangelist,” created the Meet to Marry program and published her first book by the same name. I wrote the book because I really learned from my own life experience and wanted to help other singles to find their ideal life partner.

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But, considering they picked things right back up where they left off once he was booted from the Pad….

The guys I attracted were always the same—not appropriate.

For instance, I attracted guys who were not Jewish.

In spite of his stupidity, Kelso is shown on several occasions not to be immature, simply unmotivated; when he is either forced to or chooses to, Kelso displays startling intelligence unbecoming of his usual personality or hi-jinks.

Near the end of the series, Kelso becomes one of the first characters to completely break away from adolescence and into adulthood when he impregnates a girl with whom he had a one-night stand; to his friends' surprise, Kelso took responsibility for the child, moving to Chicago to take a job to support and be near his newborn daughter.Kopech, 20, draws comparisons to the Mets' Noah "Thor" Syndergaard, another flamethrower with flowing blond locks.

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WOW I didn't see the thread about cops, but I would never classify someone by their profession. (for those that don't know, coke, a narcotic drug in all books (look it up cocaine), dugout = paraphanilia, a pipe used for a controlled substance, non narcotic overlooked in most countries, as seat belts are in most of us, legal w/ scripts in some of us, legal in some countries.… continue reading »

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