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Similarly, other fans were quick to point out that while Chris Brown and Karrueche may be nearing the two-year mark since calling off their longtime relationship in 2015, thus sparking rumors that Tran may have been dissing Brown in her cryptic Instagram post, it’s likely that Karrueche’s mom would have recognized Chris’ voice on the track and would not need clarification regarding who was shouting out her daughter’s name on the radio.The news comes just two months after Karrueche and The Game heated up dating rumors as a result of the rapper’s decision to shout-out the model’s name in his sultry “All Eyez” single, prompting The Game to speak out in response to the dating claims during a radio interview in June.See full summary » After attending their friend Elise's (Sudano) wedding on New Year's Eve, Trista (Hall), a career-­driven talent agent, Viviane (Scott), a successful gossip columnist, and Amaya (Cooper), a ... Up-and-coming sports shoe entrepreneur Steve, who is still reeling from the death of his dad, has made a "November rule" in order to keep his distance from the women who seem to be getting too serious about their relationship.Every November 1st, Steve makes up a whopping lie in order to break up with his current girlfriend.“I mean, that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard and if Kevin Garnett had actually said that about me, what exactly did it mean?Because he and I were never more than passing acquaintances.It was just dumb.’ “While people had a lot of fun with the whole Honey Nut Cheerios thing, the truth is they couldn’t really take it much further than that because of how I carry myself.” The book is billed as her guide on love, sex and relationships and La La admits to “difficulties in our relationship in 2012,’’ but is not specific. I also could see myself eventually settling there, like my retirement spot.’’ The book also revealed some intimate details of the couple’s private life.

“I did notice during the game Melo and Kevin were jawing a lot at each other,’’ she wrote. “I asked Melo about it and all he said was that Kevin said things you shouldn’t say to a person you have a friendship with or respect for. We’ve been in this league a while together so don’t treat me the way you’d treat a rookie.’ I’m sure the words were a little stronger than that but that was the gist of what Melo said back to Kevin.’’ Days after the incident, Vazquez sent out a coy tweet that read, in part: “We ALL deserve free cereal 4all the publicity we’ve given Honey Nut Cheerios, #cantbelieveeverything.’’ “At first I was embarrassed and angry but then I just had to laugh about it,’’ La La wrote.

Also known as La La Vazquez, Anthony’s celebrity wife had never denied the incident occurred in a Garden game last January.

“I wasn’t ever going to bring up the Honey Nut Cheerios incident again.

While Karrueche didn’t share her reply to her mom’s awkward text message, the model appeared to poke fun at the incident by adding a skull and laughing-crying emoji to the caption of her post.

Although it’s unclear whether or not Karrueche’s mom was referring to Chris Brown’s “Back To Sleep (Remix)” track, which was inspired by Brown’s headline-making split from Karrueche in 2015, fans were quick to take to the comment section of the model’s photo to speculate that Tran’s mom was most likely referring The Game’s “All Eyez” track since the song was released more recently in comparison to Brown’s track which dropped in February earlier this year.See full summary » My Favorite Five is a romantic comedy with hilarious twists and turns.

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