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Witty, edgy, and expressive messaging make every Jac Vanek item an incredible conversation starter.

With clever references to various aspects of pop culture, each design has a personal message and a story that forms an intimate connection with the customer.

I really didn’t want, like, a thing, so it was, like, really perfect for me. One day I’ll tell the story.” Back in July 2014, Becca‘s previous boyfriend Matt Bendik was sadly found dead in a Philadelphia hotel room.

He is popular all over the world for being the main man of 'Panic! Ryan Ross is from a middle-class family, born as George Ryan Ross III 30 August 1986 in Summerlin, Nevada, United States of America to George Ryan Ross II and Danielle Ross.

These statement bracelets quickly captured the attention of her fans, retailers, and countless celebrities around the globe, launching her brand into overnight success.

If you were hanging around My Space in the mid to late 2000s, then some of these hot messes graced your screens, hawking Hot Topic products and damaging their beyond belief with ridiculous cuts and dyes.

He is a tall guy with five feet eleven inches and is also of average weight. He also dated Keltie Knight Keltie is a great dancer and she has also appeared in several television shows as a host of that program. Ryan even once revealed that he had a desire to make Keltie his loving spouse.

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I told him I would, like, castrate him if he did anything crazy.

The Jac Vanek brand was created honestly and humbly, from the dirty DIY ground up, and it continues to defy long-standing notions, standards, and boundaries of the fashion industry.