Were eminem and mariah carey dating Free sexual encounters no sign up or credit card required

17-Nov-2018 15:53

She's been ambiguous about some relationships and completely open about others, but has always vehemently denied any relationship with Eminem.Um, Marshall Mathers disagrees and for the better part of this decade, he's been trying to get her to acknowledge their relationship.

After, Cannon made a post on his website, defending Carey and expressing his disgust at the rapper's comments, Eminem responded to his comment by saying he meant well and that the song is actually "wishing the couple the best", and later noted that he respected Cannon for his comment, expecting him to defend his wife.

Cannon touches on emotional topics in the song, including how the split has seemingly affected his children, 5-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

"What happened to the rings, did she fling them out? We're single now, but we really need to think about is how a child deals/ how a child feels/ because we got two and they brilliant for real/ resilient for real," Cannon raps.

"This my real life/I almost died twice myself/ but f*ck my health/ y'all felt I kept this sh*t /held up for some motherf*cking alimony? "Now who phony/when y'all need help, y'all call me/ when I need help, y'all call TMZ/ and y'all believe everything y'all see." Cannon also references his infamous beef with Eminem, calling him out by name in the song.

The two have been feuding since 2009, when Eminem insinuated that he had a relationship with Carey, which Carey has denied.Going all the way back to “Bagpipes From Baghdad” from Em’s , it got really ugly.