Validating testing ecommerce platform

20-Apr-2019 18:17

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Like any computer system, website analytics shouldn’t be trusted until it has been verified.

Many parts of a Google Analytics implementation are easy to verify: Nobody really minds if you go to their website and click around random pages, looking for pageviews and link tracking.

A Web server needs to be hardened and securely maintained. The free Benchmark and Scoring Tools from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) also provides a quick and easy way to evaluate an e-commerce Web infrastructure and compare its level of security against minimum due-care security benchmarks.

A single application failure at a crucial point is costly to rectify and can impact the wider business.

Embitel testing team has extensive experience writing the test cases with a 100% functional coverage.

Over the past decade, E-Commerce applications have grown both in terms of numbers and complexity.

Currently, E-Commerce application are going forward becoming more personalized, more mobile friendly and rich in functionality.

Manual software testing involves manual interaction with application, stipulating key in’s and observing outcomes.