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When I get the folder I tried to give her some cash reward and she refused. All the staff at 7 AVENUE DE LAFAYETTE is very kind and helpful. I call them back and open a case with the tracking number and the complaint (misdelivered dozens of pieces to other peoples mailbox) goes nowhere, because the performance remains the same.My request for compensation goes unheeded and I've heard that even if the parcel is insured they will not allow a claim when tracking shows that it is delivered. Whenever I order something It shows that it was scanned in and what time and after that, NOTHING! THEY LEAVE IT AT THE BACK DOOR IF THEY HAVE TO but what am I gonna do.USPS Tracking Not Updating: United State Postal Service (USPS) is the independent postal service that is established in Washington DC since 1971.The USPS offers many of the postal services for citizens of US.I sit outside waiting and watch the mail man clearly skip me when I'm expecting things.I remember when postal jobs were top-drawer positions - you almost had to KNOW somebody to get in.The organization also renders its services to other countries across the Globe. It is highly designed with perfect tracking system.It allows the users to send the packages within US and to other countries. If still people are experiencing some USPS tracking problems, this article can certainly help to understand and rectify the problems. Still the users are prone to experience some tracking problems.

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Generally, a returned mailpiece that was undeliverable-as-addressed or refused by the addressee may not be remailed unless it is placed in a new envelope or wrapper with a correct address and new postage.I'm writing this letter to say thank you to your staff **.Yesterday I left my Diploma and some important files at post office.Packages are weighed, measured and logged into our data-collection system.

This system assigns thousands of packages an hour to the proper destination ZIP codes, and fully automated tilt-tray sorters carry them to the appropriate chutes for loading.

Zone skipping Tractor-trailers carry packages to entry points deep in the postal system, thereby skipping several postal processing centers along the way, which results in reduced transit time, minimized handling and maximized postal discounts.