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09-Jan-2019 22:49

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What statistics are available about use of Archive.org? The only users stats we track are the "views" of items on the site. For collections they are viewable in a chart form in the "About" tab on a collection page. calculates a view as: one action (read a book, download a file, watch a movie, etc.), per day, per IP Address.

These numbers represent views in all the items in that collection. For items they are shown on the right side of the details page. Search results pages also show the "views" to the left of the page title. So, for each item page, using multiple files or accessing from multiple accounts in a single day will only count as one view. Item pages are updated daily so the current number would reflect the count through the previous day.

If you are experiencing problems with pages or blog posts not updating, a number of possible causes are to blame.

Check your connection to the Web and the status of the Tumblr servers before trying your request again.

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The Tumblr platform is occasionally overloaded or unresponsive.

We encourage your support of your local library, and the essential services your library's professional staff can provide in person.

Local libraries are still an irreplaceable resource!

Maintaining a constant social media presence can be difficult, especially for busy entrepreneurs looking to stay in touch with their communities.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help ease the burden.

If this is the case, a Tumblr-branded error message should appear on screen whenever you try and update your blog.

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