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FARMER INJECTS HIS CATTLE WITH SLURRY A former Young Dairy Farmer of the Year nominee was jailed for three years in the summer of 2001 for injecting his cattle with slurry in order to defraud the State of 20,000 bovine TB compensation.

Cornelius Keane (then 38), from Bawnbue, Drimoleague, Co Cork, had pleaded guilty to five sample charges arising from his decision to inject potentially poisonous and harmful material into his 49-strong cattle herd on January 25, 2000, in a bid to obtain TB reactor grants.

Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard that when Department of Agriculture vets inspected Keane's farm after becoming suspicious about his TB test results, they were horrified at what they found.

(The rain showers of the previous few days provided ideal ground conditions for the event, softening the surface a little, but there was little of the muddy conditions which some previous years had suffered.)Spectators and Competitors on their way to the event will have seen the signs from Gloucestershire County Council (the landowner) warning of the dangers of the event and suggesting that they should not to attend the event. Aaron Harris has challenged Chris Anderson to race against him in the 4th race Here comes Chris now, how many times has he climbed the hill today? (Chris & Ryan in green shirts.) Only moments later Chris crosses the finish line! The Catchers have done their job well throughout the day ensuring that the runners are brought safely to a halt.

Chris added a further two race wins this year bringing his total to 15 cheeses won over 11 years.

Ryley has just raised around �330 for Help For Heroes at a motocross event in Brookthorpe GLOS.

If it was again confirmed in his herd, he stood to benefit from 21,320 in reactor grants coupled with 980 per month in income-support payments.

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His footage shows the black spider with distinctive white strips on its upper legs preying on a hummingbird hawk moth outside his home.