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You don’t need to shriek at the frozen moon through a howling snowstorm, but maybe you need to gaze pensively into a lake that’s gathering frost around the edges.The album ranges from powerfully depressive to furiously harsh, always maintaining a distinct sense of forlorn abandonment, as if a ray of sunshine is just outside your desperate reach. 10/1/16 (Stockhausen) Haar/Ur Draugr – Haar/Ur Draugr (split- ATMF) [Black Metal/Weird Death] Stream I don’t know what it is about black metal and ugly death metal that works so well together, but I am all for these splits we’re seeing lately.They saw the Promised Titty Land and thought they could get there, too. Once they tired of the bullshit and drama, or she found someone else, they were relegated to "friends." They could’ve bought a fucking sailboat with all the money they blew on young Cinnamon, and now they hang on to some last vestige of hope, thinking that she may just get drunk enough some night and let them put their spit on the slit. Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set.

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The US government labeled Mohamed Atta as the lead hijacker in the 9/11 operation.

Here he's personally wrapping each individual grape in brown paper for it's perilous trip home, while Jane loads up the shopping basket with the giant economy-sized bottle of suds from the beer & wine aisle.

Farming's a breeze when your animals have learned to assemble themselves by species!

Haar and Ur Draugr are an exceptionally good pairing, and not just because both of them have names that will make you sound like a stroke victim if you say them aloud.

The two sound like they share a common evolutionary ancestor, each using a raw but practical mix of harmony and dissonance to achieve their unique sounds.

Let’s cut to the chase; we already know why we’re all here.

The severity of the criminal charge (felony, misdemeanor, etc) depends on the specifics of the acts committed and the relative ages of the perpetrator and victim. … continue reading »

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