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the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998), which, according to Straus, used a "feminist version" of the CTS in order to minimize data on female perpetration of intimate partner violence (IPV), In a 2005 article in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling listed the CTS amongst the most important advances in the field of IPV research, stating it "was revolutionary because it allowed researchers to quantitatively study events that had often been ignored culturally and typically took place in private." The scales are based on the premise that conflict is an inevitable aspect of all human association, but that the use of coercion (including force and violence) as a conflict-resolution tactic is harmful.

The CTS focuses on "conflict tactics" – the method used to advance one's own interest within a conflict – as a behavior, and measures the conflict tactic behaviors of both the respondent and their partner/primary caregiver.

Unfortunately many people who put information on the Web forget to date it.

However, these items can be taken to relate to recent times except where flagged as [HISTORY]. Web links for school CP in all other countries are here.

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However, it is possible to identify the discrepancy only if there is an instrument such as the CTS which obtains the behavioral data." A CTS-based study would ideally include data from respondents and their partners/primary caregivers in order to investigate the degree of symmetry or asymmetry between their responses.It is asked in a way that will guarantee a largely objective result: People are asked independently, to nominate their experience of violent tactics within a defined time period and describe the experience, but not to make statements about the causes or consequences.