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02-Nov-2018 12:15

Accu Weather's first-party app is a bright affair, with the simple white (or black) background broken up with big pictures, charts, and ads, though those can be removed by upgrading to Accu Weather Platinum.

The detailed charts for both hourly and daily temperatures also scored big, making it easy for users to judge coming conditions more quickly and easily than reading a slew of numbers.

Thanks to Lura for the “water levels” page – showing what’s affecting the tides, and possibly higher levels during certain weather conditions And if you’re looking for tsunami alerts – go to

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I have tested the mods on stock and custom ROMs both and they are working just fine.

You can select the transparency level of the widget from below.

That is why I always use the transparent version of the weather widget on my Galaxy S3.

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The stock weather widget on our Galaxy S3 is beautiful but as Tennyson has said , one is sure to get bored of even those things one likes most.If you like the new weather clock widget of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to have it on your Galaxy S3, Note, Note 2, S2, etc., you can now have it.