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12-Apr-2019 02:35

"Pretty soon you won't be able to tell the difference between you and us," she told a Western reporter.The transformation of Iran's most cosmopolitan city is reflected even in its traffic.Foreign desk: O’s Iran Deal Has Ignited an Arms Race Iran regards “speedboat bluff” — the game of chicken its Revolutionary Guard Corps routinely plays with US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf, as it did again on Tuesday — “as a form of asymmetric military and political warfare waged against The Great Satan America and its allies,” says Austin Bay at The Observer.And the ayatollahs “will continue to pursue their brand of gunboat diplomacy against The Great and Lesser Satans until they obtain The Great Equalizers: nuclear weapons and ICBMs that can target the world’s multitude of Satans.” President Barack Obama claimed his deal “would halt an arms race in the Middle East,” but “the opposite has occurred”: It “has ignited a larger arms race, with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies enlarging their arsenals” because “they fear an Iranian bomb.” Iconoclast: Hillary Blew It — That’s ‘What Happened’ Titling her memoir of the 2016 campaign “What Happened” was an unfortunate decision by Hillary Clinton, says Damon Linker at The Week. onto a series of convenient Forces Beyond Our Control.” Yet why was it “so close to begin with? Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Political analyst: How Trump Cult Overwhelmed the GOP Cracks may be “appearing in the conservative iceberg” of support for President Trump, notes Josh Kraushaar at the National Journal.

If Iran’s leadership were serious about stopping potentially licentious chatting, they would do something more draconian, like banning the technology that makes it possible.But a religious ruling does not an official ban make.Fatwas, or religious opinions disseminated by clerics, are not binding.But “the political world is going to find out, all over again, that most Republican voters will side with the president,” even over Jeff Sessions.

That’s because they initially backed him for “his anti-establishment attitude, not his specific policies.” Indeed, he continues to “draw adoring fans in his Rust Belt base who could care less about his shabby treatment of the attorney general.” Fact is, “the glue holding Trump’s coalition together is a deep-seated cultural resentment of the liberal, cosmopolitan elite.” And “Trump is masterful at pushing those buttons.” That’s why the GOP “is slowly morphing into a cult-of-personality vehicle” around him.

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