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Or, are children consciously changing those boundaries through a one-size-fits-all communicative tone?Call me a traditionalist, but it doesn’t look like a revolution to me.Two-in-three teachers reported that they regularly find text-speak in pupils' homework.Over three-quarters of parents say they have to clarify the cryptic text-speak in their children’s texts and emails.Do not use an abbreviation or acronym that your readers would not recognize quickly. , edited by Mary Rose Bonk and published in its twenty-seventh edition in 2000 by Gale Research Incorporated. The purpose of writing is communication, and anything that may cause confusion should be avoided. I.s (this week), but that’s just me saving a keystroke, probably. The first time you use an abbreviation, initialism, or acronym, spell it out and present the short version in parenthesis: The Greater Reno Water Authority (GRWA) calls for the use of native desert plants in all yards and gardens. ( — that it indicates a possessive and should not be used in a plural like this. In practice, I tend to stay out of the way when the big kids fight about things that I’m not terribly invested in. Before reading the rest of this section, ask yourself: “Do I want to abbreviate or shorten a word or phrase to save keystrokes or to aid the reader? ” If your answer is “the reader,” you’re on the right track.

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Cataract – Voluminous and many folded falling cravat, which swarmed over the length and breadth of the fashionable masculine chest.In general, use abbreviations in charts, tables, graphs, footnotes, bibliographies, and other places where space is at a premium. are likely to think you mean the word ‘am’ and misread, or at least have to pause to see what it is you really mean. means “after noon,” use no other expression of time of day with them. Here is a place where it’s useful to have a copy of your discipline’s style book. If I pick a style-sheet and stick with it, at least my choice is defensible should anybody take issue with it. Reference the full name first in the body of the text with the abbreviation in parenthesis. may either be written in all capital letters or all lower case, but choose one style and stick with it. None of these abbreviations are separated by commas. (OK informally; not standard use, no number.) Correct: We will meet at p.m. Corbett notes that, ) do call for using an apostrophe in the plural of abbreviations that include periods. The average reader tends to know only the most popular acronyms. Government includes links to Internet servers when available. Writing for secular, international consumption, it makes sense to utilize CE and BCE with or without periods depending upon your discipline’s style sheet. Just don’t be surprised when that varies from one venue to another. – Doctor of Philosophy (most universities) Rare: DPhil – Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford University and a few others) pseud.

Here are some helps: The Appendix A: Abbreviations lists international abbreviations and Appendix B: International Organizations and Groups contains information about missions and memberships of international organizations. Acronym Finder covers common acronyms, computers, technology, and telecommunications, with an emphasis on Department of Defense (Do D), Air Force, Army, and Navy acronyms. Correct: Alexander ruled in the fourth century BCE. These are perhaps superior to the English “n.p.,” which must stand equally for “no place,” “no publisher,” or “no page,” but in English publications “n.p.,” used correctly, is more likely to be understood; recommends “n.p.” Note that “n.p.” can stand in for both publisher and place, if neither is known. (Back) Record management and managers: The length of time material is archived varies widely.

Cheek-ache – Blushing or turning red in the face rather for the meanness of another than your own.