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The column is computed from an expression that uses other columns in the same table.For example, a computed column can have the definition: cost AS price * qty.These decisions can be difficult to change later, as most subsequent work will depend on the physical model.This article highlights some common design decisions, flaws, and misconceptions.GUIDs have a staggering amount of potential values (2^122) - making Big Int look like a speck in comparison), although storage and performance would prevent that number from ever being reached in the real world.--Disk-Based CREATE TABLE Syntax CREATE TABLE [ database_name . For more information about File Tables, see File Tables (SQL Server).Multi-statement UDFs come at a cost and it is good to understand all the restrictions and potential drawbacks.Phil Factor gives an overview of User-defined functions: their virtues, vices and their syntax.

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Moving to Query Execution, Query Results, Execution plan details are returned when you provide query details.

These are the initial field values of the new items to create. Either: Because the order of operations is significant, you can re-order additional field value operations via drag-and-drop (in edit mode).

The field selector will show all fields of the selected target tracker items, that can be initialized. Please make sure, that you have committed all open field value editors with OK, before you save the action, otherwise the uncommitted editor values will get lost.

Unique Identifier comes with significant disadvantages. The most immediately noticeable is that it’s user-unfriendly.

You’ll never hear a user or developer ask you about record “A78383A3-4AB1-42CF-B3FC-A4A23AD10398”.

When defining a surrogate primary key for a table, two options are the most common: Integer and Unique Identifier (aka. It’s human-readable, requires minimal storage, and can be set as an identity (auto-incrementing) to prevent the need for additional application logic.