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14-Feb-2019 11:31

There are 400 deities in this dictionary, and 4,000 photos of statuary from Kamakura, Nara, Kyoto, and elsewhere in Japan.

Use the search box to search in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean for deities not listed at left.

Scientists said this, firms that build nuclear power stations said this, and the government said this. When I was planning my trip to Fukushima I didn’t know what to expect.

There the language, culture, traditions and customs are different, and what would I find there four years after the accident? This photographic documentary is not intended to tell the story of the events surrounding the disaster yet again.

Please be patient – these images are provided by third parties (as referenced) and therefore may require different loading times. If you know of other Hakuba webcams please contact us and let us know!

Check out snow, ski and weather conditions around Hakuba Village, Nagano as well as the Hakuba47, Goryu, Iwatake, Happo-one, Tsugaike Kogen ski resort areas via our 26 Hakuba webcam images.

See all tech features Air Selfie is controlled using a free, intuitve i OS and Android app.

Slide to take off, shoot photos, take videos, then land safely.

The Insecam project shows definitely other Japan, which you wouldn’t see on the TV or at videos from You Tube.

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Through the Insecam public cameras you are able to observe Japanese life right now. Their efficiency from catalog is getting checked every day and non-working cameras automatically getting deleted from the catalog.It is aimed at art lovers, Buddhist practitioners, and laity alike. Tiantai Art (110 pix) ►Zodiac & 28 Moon Lodges ►Hina Dolls & Scapegoats ►Medicine Buddha (50 pix) ►Videos on Buddhism ►Seven Luckies Revisited ►Star Worship in Japan ►Korean Buddhism (280 pix) ►Modern Artists (35 pix) ►Benzaiten (260 pix) ►Tanuki (175 pix) ►Becoming a Shrine Priest ► Bishamonten (80 pix) ►My reasons for creating this photo dictionary are quite simple.