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Firstly, the prize should be and is for a lifetime of work.

Was Harold Pinter still producing his greatest work when he got the prize?

In Dylan’s case, the periods when the songs flowed free and easy (notably 1961--83) produced far more songs than his record label could comfortably accommodate on their annual album release.

But he has also been guilty of discarding some of his best work because he felt it “wasn’t recorded right” (his own description of the immaculate Blind Willie Mc Tell).

Dylan played this just once, at a home session in Minneapolis at Christmas-time 1961.

It was finally given a general release in 2005 on No Direction Home: The Bootleg Series Vol 7.

3 Ballad for a Friend Originally called Reminiscence Blues and one of his earliest poems in naked wonder, the song was demoed for music publisher Leeds Music in January 1962. 4 Liverpool Gal Using the traditional When First Unto This Country as his template, Dylan reminisces some months later about a girl he met in England in January 1963.

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With any prolific writer, there is much that slips between the cracks.

Suddenly there was a poet of American angst, heartbreak and bitterness.