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For gay travelers en route to the State's more traditional destinations -- Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West and even Tampa -- Jacksonville has been little more than a weigh station along the road, a place to fill up one tank and empty another.

But in 2008, Jacksonville received a welcome shred of recognition when it was included in a list of burgeoning gay meccas.

In 2012, the City Council voted 10-9 against a bill that would’ve expanded the city’s anti-discrimination laws to cover “sexual orientation.”But the researchers urged care in interpreting the results.

The survey used self-reporting volunteers who had access to the Internet, and it was not a diverse group.

& Wynn, R.) The National Association of Drama Therapists annual conference, San Francisco, CA.

According to the sloganeers at the local chamber of commerce, Jacksonville is "where Florida begins." While that's not exactly true (Amelia Island to the north lays claim to that honor), Jacksonville is the first real sign of life that drivers spot upon entering the state, an actual urban cityscape against that pale blue Florida sky.

I am specifically interested in the ways in which culturally diverse, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender () people negotiate their identities and manage their health. & Wynn, R.) University of Florida, College of Education, Gainesville, FL.In and around the downtown area, the several gay-friendly neighborhoods -- including Riverside, San Marco and Springfield -- happen also to be the most historic, the most culturally significant and the most pedestrian-friendly areas of the city.These neighborhoods are where you'll find museums, galleries, gay bars and the best restaurants. Wynn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (, he held clinical and administrative positions in addictions treatment, community mental health, private industry, and university counseling center settings. Wynn maintains a limited private practice and is an experienced consultant and trainer. University of North Florida Parents Association Program Development Grant for the development of the course, Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations; a collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs and the College of Education. D.) University of North Florida, ) annual convention, Orlando, FL. Unlocking the pieces: Community mental health in Northeast Florida inquiry (2014) (Wynn, R.) Resource speaker, Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.

Complicating coming out: Disclosing disability, gender, and sexuality in higher education. Complicating coming out: Disclosing disability and LGBTQ identities in higher education. Complicating coming out: Intersections of disability, gender, and sexuality. Complicating coming out: Intersections of gender, disability, and sexuality (2016) (Wynn, R.

Its 80,000 acres of parkland, beautiful beaches, interesting museums and business opportunities were credited with attracting a healthy population of gay residents and visitors.