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"Further Boone/Bohun Ancestry: The Boone family, in one of its many lines, dates back to the time of the Norman Conquests in the tenth century and the name is likely of Norman origin. The Boones of NC, TN & KY are mostly of Scotch-Irish descent. & Zilpha COLLINS TYREE) TYREE, Vina S., no dates TYREE, W. John - s/o David & Mary) TYREE, William G., 1937, 1960 TYREE, Zilphia Leah, 1901, 1913 18 graves, no names, in fair condition CORNETT, Charlie, no dates CORNETT, Ellamae, no dates CORNETT, Stephen, no dates TYREE, Francis, no dates, (w/o Joe) TYREE, Joe, no dates, (w/o Wm.John & Zilpha Collins Tyree - deaf & dumb) In fair condition HAWKINS, Lucinda Ann, 1848, 1918, (w/o Henry) HAWKINS, Nancy E., 1886, 1946, (d/o Lucinda & Henry) MORRIS, Elizabeth, no dates TYREE, Chesta, no dates TYREE, James Ira, 1904, 1957 TYREE, Mary E., 1910, 1971 TYREE, Richard, 1949, 1949 TYREE, Sam Henry, 1880, 1958, (s/o Wm.The name "Boon" is thought to be anglicized from the French word bon, meaning "good" or is a place name meaning one from Bohun in the Northwest corner of France. He was buried on in Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky. She married Daniel Boone on in Yadkin, Rowan, North Carolina, USA.

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) 4 F less than 10 (Biddie Ann, Frances, Mary Rebecca? Proven by Solomon West and Joseph (X) Cason -- no date. Mary, 1810-1855 Marcus L., 1814-1880 Susanna, 1816 217. They had x children: John, 1805-1839 Thomas A., 1808-1854 married Sophronia M. 1820 LCT census 799 18 Rowel, William 310010/21011 F=0 A=6 C=0 M=0 Sl=8 FC=0 221. James RANDOLPH was born Sep 26 1782 in Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee. "Mc Reynolds a Noble Clan" by William Howard Mc Reynolds, Copyright, 1980. Joseph BORIN 1 was born Jan 30 1729/1730 in Russell County, VA.

[Parents] Internet notes: John HOLCOMBE III Birth: 1735 in possibly King, Queen, Virginia Note: 1790 Surry Co., NC census Halcomb John 1 2 6 3 0 1 male over 21 (John) 2 males under 21 (Abner, John G) Son May is listed in separate houshold. 634 of Brunswick Co., Va., Surryand Buncombe counties, N. King Queen VA John Grymes HOLCOMBE b: ABT 1779 Abner HOLCOMBE b: ABT 1787 Winey HOLCOMBE Cody Lucretia HOLCOMBE Margaret Peggy Holcombe Catherine HOLCOMBE Elizabeth HOLCOMBE Sources: Type: Book Title: "The Holcombes" Author: Mrs. 2nd source cited, field notes L7 160-00 HUBBARDFile: Holcomb Nation Builders, Modesto Library p. Heirs included his wife, Rachel Le Boon and children: John Le Boon, deceased, Joseph Le Boon, Sara Le Boon, Rachel Elrod, Mary Robbins, Peter Le Boon, Mason Canada Le Boon, Rebecca Le Boon, Anna Watkins, and Frances Daulton (Dalton); two minor children of my deceased son, John La Boon--Eada Le Boon and Susannah Le Boon. 1820 Census of Peter from the Pendleton District, SC, shows: Peter M age 26-45 F age 26-45 2 M less than 10 (Peter & John? (Son John had died, so his share was to be divided equally between his two daughters, Eada and Susanah. The will was dated January 9, 1828 and was witnessed by Benk Williams and signed by Peter Laboon. They had x children: John, 1805-1839 Thomas A., 1808-1854 married Sophronia M. William Rowell, Lincoln County - dated 4 Sept 1844 heirs were his wife and children. 1810 in Lincoln County, TN John Wesley Mariah Ann Samuel Milton Eliza Jane Martha Caroline Ester Mary [Child] 222. We have no record of the time of decease of the wife, Martha, but on May 3, 1813, Robert sold his carpenter tools, livestock, and household goods to his son Joseph. The Inventory and Appraisal of the estate is dated April 14, 1814.

John Hudspeth Carter Hudspeth John Halcomb George Hudspeth Simon Hadly X Thomas Hadly X Father: John HOLCOMBE II b: 1712 Mother: Elizabeth LAWRENCE b: ABT 1714 Marriage 1 Elizabeth Oxford MAY b: 1730 in King, Queen, Virginia Married: c.1750-5 in probably Virginia Children May HOLCOMBE b: 1760 in Brunswick Co., Virginia Nancy HOLCOMBE b: 1765 Frances Ma(r)y HOLCOMB b: ABT 1775 in prob. surname search for HOLCOMBE, file notes fromsource field. Henry Nathaniel STAFFORD married Elizabeth STAFFORD. At the beginning of the Civil War he and his seven sons enlisted. His will was signed January 9, 1828 and proved March 3, 1828. Witnesses: Bank Williams, Solomon West and Joseph Cason. 1830 Census - Anderson County Rachel La Boon - aged 50-60 One female aged 30-40 -- A maiden daughter, Sara Le Boon One male aged 15-20 -- Mason Canada Le Boon Received Sacrament of Marriage April 14, 1973. His two sons, Joseph and Mason Canada, were to receive as much property as it took to make an equal share to the property he gave to his sons John and Peter when they married or called for it. Census: Date: Place: 20th Dist., Molino, Lincoln Co., Tenn. Lucretia SHEFFIELD was born Feb 16 1789 in Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee. About ten years later he established residence in Reeds Vally, Russell County, Virginia.

634 , wife, Elizabeth, signed,----1779, recorded in Surry County, NC _____ 1781. aforesaid to satisfy the publicand county taxes due these on for the year 1796 as will more fully appear by the said Sheriff Deeds the said John Strother therefore which deed bears date 29th day of September 1798 and recorded in the Registers Office in the county aforesaid 68 December 1798 to have and to hold the aforesaid lands and premises to Rezi Jarvis, his heirs and assigns together with all its woods, waters and watercourses move we the heirs of John Holcombe doth covenant and wish the said Rezi Jarvis, his heirs and assigns that we will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid lands with all the appertenances belonging to the heirs of John Holcombe, dec'd the said Rezi Jarvis in witness whereof we sit our hands and seal this the day and year above written. Peter married Rachel JARVIS on Apr 14 1793 in Brushy Creek Township, Anderson County, SC. La Boon, has almost enough gun-making instruments to assemble a gun now (1953). Several members of the family branches also have pieces of china and other items brought from France. Wife Rachel to have all the estate for her lifetime or widowhood, the the land to be divided equally among his three sons (Peter, Joseph and Mason Canada) or their heirs. Lucretia SHEFFIELD was born Feb 16 1789 in Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee. 19, Page 27, Line 3 Birth: ABT 1788 North Carolina other notes: 1830 madison, ALA census (close to lincoln county tenn) SHEFFIELD 98-136 [Child] 224. From that County he served as Ensign and Recruiting Officer, 110th Regiment under the command of Abrahm Shepherd, during the Revolutionary War.

The first record found of this John Holcombe is as 2nd of 6 sons named in the will of their father, John Holcombe, D-4-1, p. He probably had to live upon or make improvements on the many tracts for which he soon received N. ) JARVIS of the county and state aforesaid of the other part - Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars to them inhand paid before the sealing and signing of this present - thereceipt whereof is hereby acknowledged we the heirs of the said John Holcombe doth by these presents sell, alien and convey and confirm unto him the said Rezi Jarvis, a certain piece or parcelof land situated lying and being in the county aforesaid - onthe waters of Gabriel 's Creek of Ivy joining his own land,beginning at his corner, black oak runs north 60 East, fifty sixpoles to a black oak then south one hundred and twenty sevenpoles to a chesenut then west forty two poles to his own linethen with his own line to the beginning containing twenty eightacres more or less - the said being a part of a large tract ofland originally granted to Gray Blount for three hundred andtwenty thousand, six hundred and forty acres and sold by James Hirshey, Sheriff of Buncombe Co. was born Jun 15 1772 in Rochfort, France and was christened Jun 24 1772 in Feast day of St. He died in Anderson County, SC and was buried in Le Bon Family Cemetery, Brushy Creek, SC. La Boon also has an ink stand and other relics brought from France by the first Pierre Le Bon. Randolph, Hugh Bartlett Randolph, Nancy Arenia Bryant Randolph, Marilla b. 77301 Note: RIN#11233 Source: (Name) Title: 1870 U. Census (Federal); Tennessee: Lincoln County, Film Abbreviation: 1870 U. Census Publication: Heritage Quest Genealogical Services, Bountiful Utah Page: Dist. WALKER, Joseph 01101 01101 0 0 WALKER, Robert 10011 10100 0 0 WALKER, John 10001 00001 0 0 225. Soon after their marriage Robert moved his family to Orange (now Caswell) County, North Carolina.

BRADLEY, Ed, 4/12/1871, 2/11/1950 BRADLEY, Ersill, 4/29/1906, 12/30/1955 CORNETT, Eugene, 1956, 1956 CRAFT, Jummy D., 1966, 1967 SEXTON, Lester [Jr.], 1956, 1956 SEXTON, Lester [Sr.], no date, 4/6/1977 SHIELDS, Bobby Shawn, 8/29/1973, 10/30/1977 SHIELDS, Lester, 10//1974, 1/9/1975 SPARKMAN, Ithel [ROARK], 2/18/1925, 4/7/1971 SPARKMAN, Iven Gail, 5/31/1942, 3/9/1976 In good condition CORNETT, 1 infant of William, no dates CORNETT, 2 infants of Chester, no dates CORNETT, 3 infants of Joe, no dates, (s/o Wm.

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