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The Dutch red light district remains a site where women who earn their money through sex—some by choice, some by force—is objectified and ridiculed.It’s fun to walk past them, amusing to observe them, and outright hilarious to shame and fool them[1]. Notwithstanding the violations and harsh realities that many sex workers in the Netherlands continue to endure (especially those who are working against their will), sex workers’ stigma reveals itself in different, and often even grimmer ways in poorer, less equal and more violent countries, where sex work remains illegal.Think about this: If the Netherlands, the country that was one of the first to legalize sex work thirteen years ago, still benefits from its capital’s red light district as one of its main attractions for both national and international tourists, what kinds of questions does this raise about the treatment of sex workers outside the regulated district?For one, it suggests there are very few places on this planet where the shaming and ridiculing of both sex workers and their clients is not socially acceptable.

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According to Angie, many police men consider carrying many condoms as proof of sex workers exchanging sex for money; one reason why many girls decide to either take less condoms with them or hide them somewhere near their base.

HIV campaigners have taken their safe sex messages to hotspots like long distance trucker stopovers and small semi-urban centres, but change has yet to take root in city centres where young women like Susan operate."Sex workers in Zimbabwe continue to be a key population where intensive HIV prevention efforts are needed," said UNAIDS Country Director for Zimbabwe Michael Bartos."While there is a national sex worker programme .

continuing high rates of HIV transmission among sex workers suggest that its implementation has not been sufficiently successful."Almost half the 52000 sex workers who have visited Ce SHHAR's clinics since 2009 required treatment for a sexually transmitted disease.

The findings are based on a survey conducted late Read more » ... HIV Infections occur through the sharing of needles (IV drug users).

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I made one mistake that I am never going to do again for the rest of my life, and I am also going to regret it until the day I diehere is the story (as brief as I can make it). ..ignorance can go a really long way towards sustaining injustice, and that is why I believe that sessions like the one on sex workers rights at the Human Rights Networking Zone was completely necessary. The poll of 663 sex workers found there was little change in the average number of clients per week, 14.4, and male condom use was... A new report reveals that over one-fifth of commercial sex workers in Vietnam are infected with HIV, up significantly from just two years ago. HIV infections occur through sex workers (prostitution).

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