Dating workaholic tips

22-Sep-2018 10:43

And if you're that half, there you would be, complaining to yourself that she's not giving enough for you to stick on, and neither is she getting the hint that you're uncomfortable. Here's how to be with a career-minded woman, without ending up being the one she forgot she was in a relationship with.

Remember: She's your girl, not the boss So, treat her like one.

So, when with her, seldom discuss work, unless she's so keen for an opinion from you.

Instead, give priority to her life apart from work.

Dating in a hook-up culture is rough enough, but adding a few kids into the mix only elevates the awkward factor.

Just entering the dating pool after a long hiatus and subsequent divorce was a shock to my system.

Her colleagues and subordinates may be all jitters when she starts firing people at work.

A new skill might be just what you need to hit “refresh”—and you’ll meet people outside of your usual circle, too, which can change your life for the better in no end of ways.

There are a ton of cheap apps out there to help you clear your head so you can get those mental juices flowing. There's nothing like sweating your butts off in a Beyoncé dance class to encourage bonding.