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11-Dec-2018 06:52

“His heart went into an arrhythmia and it wasn’t a shockable rhythm,” she says.

Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful and an hour and a half later he was declared dead at the couple’s local hospital in Warwickshire.

Their sons, Tom and Sam, were just three and five when he died in 2013. In an attempt to deal with her husband’s death, Beth wrote a series of blogs for a well known website.

In one entry, five months after Dunc collapsed on the pitch, she posted: “By 8pm, my gorgeous, dedicated, loving husband had died and I was officially a widow.

She said that he did not seem rested however despite taking the prescription sleep aid, adding: 'I relaxed I guess.'Vicky refused however to even entertain the notion that her husband had taken his own life, despite the report. 'Chris was impaired.' He was also very much looking forward to an upcoming family trip to Disney World, with travel having become a big part of the family's life once Chris got sober.'In 2009 we'd had our babies and I said, "No more.

I don't want to hear about trains falling off the tracks,"' explained Vicky.'I said, "Make a decision."'Chris chose his family over drugs and alcohol, and it made for a great family life, said his wife.'He was completely present.

Vicky Cornell told People that just minutes before her husband was found dead inside the bathroom of his Detroit hotel, he woke her up by triggering the lights in their New York townhouse with his phone.

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