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The train on her dress caught on one of the candles and the dress caught fire.In her panic, she tumbled down the stair breaking her neck.Now, there is nothing remotely illegal about going topless.Heck, it’s legal for the ladies to follow suit; has been since 1991.A bride was coming down the main staircase on her wedding day.The staircase was filled with beautiful candles to celebrate the special event.

for the first child, and for each additional child. Check our Our next 8 week session of Pre-Registered Classes starts the week of September 10, 2017.Our pre-registered classes include: Yoga for Beginners, Prenatal yoga, Baby & Mom yoga, Stroller Fit and Pilates classes. Register Now for any amount, that will get e-mailed to yourself or a recipient on the day and time that you choose!If you prefer to pick up an old school gift card, please call 905-682-4469 or come into the studio!Have you ever noticed how many guys in Chatham walk around with their shirts off in the middle of the day?

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We must be Ontario’s per capita capital of shirtless guys.

The walls have been extended over the door; however you can clearly see where the door use to be.