Apple store not updating

18-Nov-2018 17:46

Music in the store is in the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format, which is the MPEG-4-specified successor to MP3.

Originally, songs were only available with DRM and were encoded at 128 kbit/s.

Limiting reviews to the most recent version made sense a few years ago.

For instance, a 2010 review of Instagram is now irrelevant because the app has changed so much.

Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talked about the reasoning behind this at John Gruber’s The Talk Show event in San Jose.If you're asked to authorize your computer when you try to play i Tunes Store purchases, log in to your computer with an administrator account or make sure that you're signed in to i Tunes with the Apple ID that you used to make the purchase.While most downloaded files initially included usage restrictions enforced by Fair Play, Apple's implementation of digital rights management (DRM), i Tunes later initiated a shift into selling DRM-free music in most countries, marketed as i Tunes Plus.Enhanced In-Store App Experiences Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointments upon arrival, scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more. ***The My Verizon App is now available to conveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs.

When an app developer releases a new update in the App Store, all their beautiful reviews disappear in the ether.

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