Access vba turn off screenupdating

22-Sep-2018 20:12

Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Filter Pivot Table() Application. Can anyone please advise if there is any way to skip/disable the "read-only" message box when the excel file is being opened by other user and a tailor made message box will pop up instead? If you want to display a messge rather than an hour-glass, here is a method I use a lot in Excel that I'm sure would work in MS Access. Just before you need to use it, display the userform using: This will ensure the userform is running modless (i.e. Make sure the 'Show Modal' property is equal to False.

If the person was "John Citizen" and this is stored in the variable str Record Name, the userform will show, "Updating record for John Citizen...".Hi all, If it is possible, i would like to know what the 'Subscript out of range error means' when trying to compile a VBA code? Row 1 'appends data to existing data End If 'Path and filename 'Prompting user to choose the required folder Msg Box "Please select a folder with files to consolidate" Do With Application. ) data from them and copy it somewhere, the workbook the code is in perhaps? Once i have the data filtered, and i want to copy it into a brand new workbook. Selected Items(1) & "\" Exit Do Else If Msg Box("No folder chosen, do you wish to exit Macro? Auto Filter Field:=3, Criteria1:= _ " NR is just a variable name - looks like it stands for next row and is the next available row on the master sheet. It think it should work, but I'm also pretty sure I'm missing something in the filtering part.